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2024 Travel Trends and Why Indonesia Should Be Your Next Destination

In a world where the allure of travel continues to captivate our hearts and souls, the year 2024 promises to be an extraordinary time for exploration and discovery. As we set our compasses towards new horizons, Indonesia emerges as a world of boundless beauty and cultural immersion. Join us to immerse yourself in the captivating Indonesian travel scene.

What to expect in 2024
As another era of traveling approaches, we are encouraged to see the world in more creative and mindful ways. Sustainable tourism is all the rage in 2024, as travellers look for ways to leave a positive footprint on the destinations they visit. For the adventurous souls seeking for immersive experiences, slow travel allows you to have deeper connection with the local lifestyle of your destination. In this fast-paced environment, wellness and nature retreats are set to be a trend, especially to travelers with more awareness to their mental well being.

Indonesia’s Travel Scene
Indonesia, a tapestry of natural wonders and captivating traditions, stands poised to take full advantage of the emerging travel trends of 2024. Explore the crystalline waters of Lake Toba along with its lush surroundings, or get lost in the busy streets of Jakarta, where the old and the new intertwines. Each corner of the country have everything for everyone. Whether you are seeking for natural landscapes found nowhere else or immersing to a genuine local culture, you will find it here.

A remarkable stay
As you embark on this extraordinary exploration of Indonesia, let the unrivalled hospitality of Marclan Collection elevate your journey to new realms of refined luxury. Nestled in the heart of Indonesia’s most alluring destinations, we harmoniously blend local culture with unparalleled elegance. Each of our collection offers a gateway to the soul of Indonesia. From a warm heritage hotel in the business district of Jakarta, an all suites hotel located in the heart of Canggu, or a luxurious resort in the magnificent Lake Toba, we are ready to accompany your journey in 2024. Book your stay now at

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