Established in 2021 amidst the dynamic landscape of Indonesia, Marclan is now home to three brands that epitomize our dedication to providing finest Indonesian hospitality: Marclan Hotels & Resorts, F&B Establishments, and Yacht & Boat. From the serene beaches of Bali to the untamed beauty of Lake Toba and the vibrant culture of Jakarta, each property bears its own uniqueness, inviting you to embark on a transformative journey.

At Marclan, we believe that hospitality transcends borders and cultures, weaving a tapestry of unforgettable experiences that touch the soul. Each brand is imbued with the spirit of our refinement, blending it seamlessly with Indonesian genuine hospitality to captivate the discerning traveler seeking a refined and authentic experience.

Driven by our commitment to showcasing the best of Indonesia to the world, Marclan focuses on thoughtful and measured execution to continually improve asset value for property owners. Our experienced and innovative hospitality specialists combine best practices, personal interaction, and creative ideas to reposition and differentiate our properties.

Every Marclan hotels is a gateway to a home away from home. While each Marclan property is unique, all share the same goal of offering modern travelers everything they need for a comfortable, convenient, and meaningful stay. Every guest is our number one priority. For business or leisure, from the moment our guests step into our hotels and resorts, they feel right at home.  



Asset Ownership & Management

Hospitality Management

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Executive Director


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Our people and the culture we create together – make us leaders in our industry.

Here, we trust you to work from the heart, to take the initiative, to bring your passion and personality into what you do every day. 


To deliver levels of value, service & facilities beyond ‘the usual’ guest expectations


  • A brand driven by value
  • To introduce the best of Indonesia to the world
  • Create a feel at home at every corner of the globe
  • Continuously improving our quality through attentive and innovative behaviour
  • Invest in people & community that share our values 
  • Passionate and took pride in delivering a unique and exceptional experience 


Potential meets possible

Our team works with owners to develop tailored solutions to maximize revenue while implementing proven efficiencies and aggressive cost containment tools that deliver an immediate and meaningful impact on the bottom line.