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About Us

Marclan International is an asset owner and hospitality group established in June 2021. 

Marclan is a new breed of hoteliers that provides a full range of hotel management services. Marclan have a combined portfolio of four properties in Indonesia: Sari Pacific Jakarta, Hotel Des Indes Menteng, Swarga Suites Bali – Berawa (formerly known as THE HAVEN SUITES Bali — Berawa) and an upcoming resort, Marianna Resort & Convention, the first 5-star upscale resort in Lake Toba – Samosir.

Marclan Hotels & Resorts began with the vision to establish a new benchmark hotel collection; one that resets expectation, deliver a rich experience & caters to the specific needs of modern traveller beyond ‘The Usual’ guest expectations. 

Driven by our commitment to showcasing the best of Indonesia to the world, Marclan focuses on thoughtful and measured execution to continually improve asset value for property owners. Our experienced and innovative hospitality specialists combine best practices, personal interaction, and creative ideas to reposition and differentiate our properties.

Every Marclan hotels is a gateway to a home away from home. While each Marclan property is unique, all share the same goal of offering modern travellers everything they need for a comfortable, convenient, and meaningful stay. Every guest is our number one priority. For business or leisure, from the moment our guests step into our hotels and resorts, they feel right at home.

As a full-service hotel management company, our services include:

Asset Ownership & Management 
Hotel Management services
Food & Beverage Management 
Project Management Consulting 


To deliver levels of value, service & facilities beyond ‘the usual’ guest expectations


  • A brand driven by value
  • To introduce the best of Indonesia to the world
  • Create a feel at home at every corner of the globe
  • Continuously improving our quality through attentive and innovative behaviour
  • Invest in people & community that share our values 
  • Passionate and took pride in delivering a unique and exceptional experience 



MARCLAN will deliver levels of value, service & facilities beyond 'the usual' guest expectations


We are a brand driven by value – not price – to deliver above expectation on services

Maintain a level of service that is ‘second to none’

Keep innovating at all level of service and quality

To build a loyal clientele that will align with, reward & champion the brand

Be a brand that is in step with the support, connectivity & comforts required to conduct business in the modern ‘global office’

To grow by investing in people & places that share our values, ensuring the brand will service a global community of business & leisure travelers

We want to export the best of Indonesia to the world, always proud of our origins, but right at home in every corner of the globe

We conduct ourself with pride and benchmark globally



We live in a world of ever growing choice & diversity – therefore we are respectful of variety & the changing of everyone that crosses or path

one of the clan

Create a welcoming environment where our guests feel right at home. We’re a brand with a bright face & a generous heart


We never settle, searching far & wide for the best ideas & innovations to enhance the customer experience


We know it’s important to keep investigating our environment and through this assessment, be able to predict the needs of guests, staff & the market


We are always honest & reliable not over promising & under delivering


No matter what the task or challenge, we will tackle it with intelligence & Energy

our personality


Demonstrate our knowledge & expertise in this ultra- connected world. Provide
a rich digital environment to match our ardent ‘face to face’ service.


Confident & current. We know what’s happening in the world & how to connect with a modern, globally- conscious audience.


Fresh air, not hot air! Don’t confound with marketing babble. Be clear, confident & respectful at all times; our customers deserve it!


Like the oceans that roll freely around the world, connecting us all, modern business professionals often find themselves criss-crossing the globe, looking down upon these Blue expanses, knowing that on the other side, opportunity awaits.

Our brand takes inspiration from this vision and aligns it with the fact that it originates from Indonesia, the world’s most populated island nation. Lastly, the brand draws upon globally held symbolism associated with water – an entity always in motion, energetic, dynamic, emotive, transformative and evolutionary.

Truly, these themes of momentum & connectivity serve as great inspiration for a great brand.