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Colorful Display of Chinese Prosperity Cuisine, Yee Sang, Yu Sheng, or Prosperity Toss.
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Embracing the Prosperous Spirit of Chinese New Year in Jakarta

Throughout the Chinese New Year celebration, homes and public spaces are predominantly decorated with the colors red and gold. These hues not only serve decorative purposes but also carry profound meanings. Red symbolizes prosperity, while gold conveys magnificence and economic prosperity, reflecting the values of luck and success in the Chinese community.

In Chinese New Year tradition, the color red plays a dual role, serving not only as a decorative element but also believed to ward off Nian, a fearsome monster. This is accomplished by utilizing the color alongside the sound of burning bamboo and the glow of fire. Moreover, the use of red paper installations and wearing red attire symbolizes a symbolic distancing from the perceived threat.

The giving of Angpao, containing money enclosed in red envelopes, serves not only as a traditional gift but also as a symbolic protection against the Sui monster. Beyond the monetary aspect, these red envelopes also symbolize energy, happiness, and luck, where money becomes a representation of hope for happiness.

The lively red and lavish gold tones throughout the Chinese New Year festivities in Indonesia extend beyond mere visual appeal. They carry rich cultural significance, symbolizing prosperity, luck, and protection against mythical threats. As families gather for festive meals, it becomes an opportunity to embrace the traditions and culinary delights that make Chinese New Year a truly special and meaningful occasion.

Welcoming the Chinese New Year of 2024 can be made memorable with a family dinner at May Star Signature, an authentic Chinese luxury dining restaurant at Sari Pacific Jakarta Autograph Collection. Featuring a variety of delectable dishes, divided into three set menus, such as Yu Shang Salmon, Braised Shark’s Fin with Bird’s Nest and Crab Meat, May Star Signature Roasted Sucking Pig, Fried Scallops Stuffed with Shrimp Meat with White Truffle Oil, Steam Promfret with Salted Vegetable Plum and Beancurd in Teow Chew Style, Steamed Grouper Tong Sing with Superior Soy Sauce, Premium Dry Seafood with 3 Head Abalone in Clay Pot, Special Rice with Preserved Meat in Clay Pot, Milk Pudding with Bird’s Nest and Nian Gao, and many more.

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with the beauty and distinctive flavors of Chinese cuisine with family in May Star Signature.


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