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Raise your local pride, Toba Lake made it to 52 Places to Go 2024 by New York Times

The natural beauty of Lake Toba is no longer a local kept secret. The lake’s allure has expanded beyond its borders, making this super priority destination a travel goal for both domestic and foreign tourists. This fact was confirmed by The New York Times through its list of ’52 Places to Go in 2024′, where Lake Toba proudly sits at the 24th position on the list.

This is yet another milestone in Indonesian tourism. One of the possible reasons behind this is not merely the Lake’s pristine waters, but the geological facts and historical tales that goes with it. Lake Toba has been named as the largest crater lake in the world which was formed by a volcanic eruption 74,000 years ago.

“Unlike Indonesia’s more popular destination, Bali, Lake Toba is without the crowds.” Quoted from New York Times.

One uniqueness that makes up the lake’s charm is the serene experience. Away from the busy city and buzzling crowd, travelers could immerse themselves in a cultural experience found nowhere else. Everything to experience there are nothing but humbling and a breath of fresh air.

It would be impossible to experience all of the lake’s splendor in a single day. Make your travel unforgettable by staying at Marianna Resort, the first luxury resort in the area. Comfortable is an understatement, a wide range of room types and soul-healing facilities are in the palm of your hands. Visit and let your Lake Toba journey begin.

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