Asset Ownership & Management

Marclan takes pride in its ability to deliver financial results in innovative ways, whilst maintaining brand partnerships and maximizing guest service experience. With our large array of expertise, we take initiative to redesign our approach to fit any Hotel Owners structure and to achieve investment goals through measurable results.

Hospitality Management

Marclan International is an independent owner-centric hotel management company that offers a tailor-made, cohesive and strategic approach in response to our client’s properties and facilities objectives. We are offering our own collections of upscale, business and resort lifestyle.  

Third-Party Management

The third-party model – franchising – is fast gaining in popularity over recent years, for many reasons. Currently most branded hotels operate under a franchise agreement, leaving the brands to focus on marketing, distribution, and development. This model gives the owners direct control over the operations of the hotel while enjoying the support and factor of a known brand.  

Food & Beverage Management

With our experiences and expertise, we dedicate time and effort to give a unique experience for each of our specific F&B establishments that is inspired by current trends and lifestyles.

Project Management Consulting

We provide expert in Project Management to give advice and to leverage our expertise to play the role of a planner, advisor, and a project management team leader to conceptualize and implement solutions that relate to quality or process improvements.

Project management consulting is a valuable assets to any organization as they enable the stakeholders of a project to identify and rectify inefficiencies in processes and workflows.